For The Good Of Humanity, King Kaka Needs To Stop Trying To Sing And Focus On Delivering Concrete Hip Hop Bars. - FARMERCIST 254


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Thursday, 21 July 2016

For The Good Of Humanity, King Kaka Needs To Stop Trying To Sing And Focus On Delivering Concrete Hip Hop Bars.


Okay, this is not a King Kaka hate thread, this is a truth thread. I respect King Kaka’s work ethic. He’s one of the hardest grinders in the industry, but I think he tries too much to sing yet he’s supposed to be a rapper. Of late, most of his music can actually be classified as mellow songs, not hip hop, which is worrying. I don’t know if he’s trying to do a Drake but it’s not working Singing ability has never been more optional for artistes than in today’s gimmick-polluted music industry. Everyone thinks they can just rhyme and create a banger but for every musician with actual talent are 50 vocally- worthless audio terrorists with obsessive fan bases. Unfortunately, King Kaka is in the bad category of singers. Now he can Rap, I won’t lie. He’s among the top three rappers in the country. But Singer he is not, he is literally one step from “People That Should Not Be Allowed to Sing”. The Kenyan public generally loves smooth flowing songs but to be considered a bad singer, it takes a special brand of mediocrity - whether it’s a maddeningly lazy delivery, awful lyrics or embarrassing content. Take his first verse In the song ‘Lini’ for example Okey,hey ma nko Dar, we uko far, na inakaa unanifaa , Unataka nini? mabenz ka chidi, ila mimi sina mapenzi ka fifty Mahaba,tu yetu haiozi, akiba nipee mwana, ka F A au Kiba wawe watatu ka leaders, uko nai wapi? street ya kimathi kwa taxi picha yetu safi Did anything make sense to you there? No? You are not alone. This is what is called writing lines to fill space. It’s amazing to note that King Kaka delivered these lines with such paint-drying enthusiasm. It’s like while he was recording, he was telling himself, “I am gonna feed these guys garbage, and I know they are gonna ike it. They are Kenyans after all” . Last time I checked, you are supposed to comprehend that a rapper says. And i am not fluent in moron Arrogant and guilty of the cardinal sin of emotional vulnerability, King Kaka is a monster coming to swallow the carefully cultivated masculinity that generations of swaggering alpha male rap artists like Ukoo Flani have worked so hard to engrain into hip hop’s categorically heteronormativist power structure. He is the darkness; the ceaseless void of corporate soul that chase the money over the craft When King kaka started doing songs instead of hip hop music in the name of selling out, I remained hopeful. I figured that this was only temporary. . The lyrics in his songs — the ones you could understand, that is — were abysmal, the cadence was horrendous and the content made no sense. But I chilled on song after song, figuring that these were eyesores that would soon fade away. But NO, King Kaka continues to feature singer after singer but then goes on to sing himself. Why feature a singer then sing too? The way it should work is that if you are a rapper, you do the solid bars then the singer you have featured does the soft chorus. This truly is a trying time for our country. We need the Hip Hop King Kaka back. We need bars. Kuimba achia Willy Paul na Sudi Boy.

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