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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Here Are The Real Names Of 20 Popular Artistes...Some Names Will Really Surprise You.


“What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo may have uttered these words eons ago in Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy trying to argue his case but then as now, time has proven plenty is in a name. Just ask the Odinga’s and Kenyatta’s. For artistes this is a crucial part of their branding hence the introduction of a stage name. It is like their alter ego, their public face and different muses guide their selection of the names. From nicknames to their original names, to incidents they have undergone and egos, you will find many explanations for artistes stage names. In Kenya this has led to quite crazy ones and totally complete new identities you can hardy associate the hence the real name with the artiste. Here are some of the popular artistes and their real names; RAJ He opted for a simple short form of his first name Rajiv. Rajiv Okemwa are his full names and is riding high with his big hits Obe Baba and Sawasawa Avril As much as it sure seems to be her name, the sultry singer real is quite different, Judith Mwangi. Octopizzo Otopizzo, Octombitho, Octomontanna etc, his stage name may have many mutations or strains but Kibera’s finest ID reads Henry Ohanga. Kristoff The only thing that can relate Kristoff to his real name, Barton Namwaya is his Mluhya wa Busia line. Rabbit King Kaka is another who has had a mutation of his first stage name. However before he got into the rabbit business he was simply Kevin Onimba. JuaCali The veteran on Kenyan music and Genge pioneer will retire but few will even know he was Paul Nunda before he took after the scorching sun. Xtatic With a name rapping style so exotic you will be forgiven if you heard Xtatic responding to the name Gloria Edna Macheo… what’s a gangsta lady doing with a Sister’s name!! Redsan Whatever inspired him to pick it you will never know but that is the name you will always associate Swabri Mohammed with. Khaligraph Jones Brian Robert Ouko. Yes that is the name King Khali answers to when his village elder call him, the rest is just showbiz and too much movies. VISITA The Grandpa sound engineer may have sought inspiration from a V-6 engine but when he was presented before the Lord, Nixon Wesonga is the name that was given. Kevoh Kforce He sure decided to go simple with the first name but then the force awakened and Kevin Ambalwa became Kevoh Kforce and the music industry welcomed another member. Bahati For such a fortunate and hardworking individual, Bahati does look like the name he was given. Yet the government recognizes the gospel star as Kevin Kioko. Willy Paul Before he was clean and repentant like the biblical Paul, before he became gospel music most scandalized artists, the young boy had a mouthful of a name, Abubakar Radido Opondo. Madtraxx Another with a zillion renditions to his stage name, but given the simplicity of George Muigai, you can understand why. Kush Tracy Vying for Kenya’s ‘baddest’ lady needs some high level bravado hence the Kush. However, when at home she is just Teresia Ndoti Mejja Before Mejja puffed up to be Okonkwo the skiny lad had quite a gem for a name, Nemenye Khadija. You can’t top that. Kenrazzy He may be a ‘mbilikimo’ but his name reads like an academician’s titles. Kenneth Aketch Oluoch Barnabas P-unit The three members of the group chose to go with simple modifications to their first names short forms Frasha- Francis Hamisi Gabu- Gabriel Kagundu Bon Eye – Boniface Chege

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