SHOCKING! German Tourist Stranded At Diani Town, Kwale After Women Ripped Off All His Money. - FARMERCIST 254


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Saturday, 16 July 2016

SHOCKING! German Tourist Stranded At Diani Town, Kwale After Women Ripped Off All His Money.

A 55-year-old German man is living destitute on the streets of Diani Town, Kwale County, after he “lost everything”. Mr Schulz Frank, who only speaks German and is said to be diabetic, is always seen holding his identification documents close to his chest, in a dirty little sack. His passport shows he is from Binz, a seaside resort on Rugen Island, and he arrived in Kenya on safari on May 20 and is expected to return home on August 30. Interpreting for Mr Frank, whom he described as a “friend” that he met in the tourist town of Diani, Mr Christian Jens claimed that “women” stole all Mr Frank’s money, which he put at more than Sh500,000. The sickly and seemingly depressed man draws attention, interest, disbelief and pity. Mr Jen says the “generous’’ Frank would give his women friends his ATM card and pin number to make withdrawals for him. With gaping wounds on his body, the German now moves from one restaurant to another begging for food and sleeps in the streets. Ms Stacy Maina an employee of Top in Town Dry Cleaners drew the Nation’s attention to the German’s plight. She had seen him on Sunday begging at Bidi Badu Restaurant and behaving in a strange manner, pouring water into the food a Good Samaritan had just bought him. Ms Maina took him in and sheltered him briefly at her company’s premises but he became hostile and caused mayhem before running away. On Tuesday, the Nation and Ms Maina caught up with Frank at Rongai Restaurant where he sat at an isolated table with his documents scattered on it and appeared to be sorting them out. It was difficult initiating a conversation with him before Mr Jens offered to interpret. But he was able to shout a response when we asked how he got himself into the misery: “Women! Women! Women!” he shouted as he smoked a cigarette. Mr Jens says the man was left with only Sh20 which he holds firmly with him alongside the documents he carries in a small sack. We learnt that his only other asset was a motorcycle which was taken away by a policeman claiming it did not have a log book. “This man has now gone crazy because he has lost everything. Apart from the clothes he is wearing, he does not have anything else because people stole even his shoes,” said Mr Jens explaining that his friend got to know of his loss when he went to make a transaction at an ATM of a leading bank in Diani. As for Frank, he says all he wants is to go back home to Germany where he once served as a solder, citing poor health due to diabetes. Rongai Restaurant manager Holiday Amutala described the German as having been a friendly and regular customer “who used to buy some food and drinks to everyone.’’ Later, when he lost his money, he would come with household items which he would sell to sustain his lifestyle, Mr Amutala added. “He also owes me money after buying coffee for his girlfriends but I have forgiven him,’’ says the manager. “But I support his desire to go back to his home otherwise he will die here in misery,’’ Amutala adds.

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