When beauty meets class, this what happens…Ebru TV’s Doreen Gatwiri is exceptionally stunning - FARMERCIST 254


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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

When beauty meets class, this what happens…Ebru TV’s Doreen Gatwiri is exceptionally stunning

She’s not just a killer behind the screen… But also, away from it as these photos clearly demonstrate. Doreen Gatwiri, Ebru TV’s screen siren, has sure mastered the art of wowing the masses and whipping up a wild frenzy. The girl, who rocks Michael Kors Garner Gold Tone watches and Manolo Blahnik stilettos, has now come back to demonstrate just what makes her tick – and we’re hooked. We’re not just enamored by her photos – which are entirely unedited – but also by her exquisite looks which are reminiscent of the hottest Ethiopian princesses and the royal eminence of the beauties of the golden ages. Taken against the magnificent backdrop of the breathtaking Hemingways Hotel in Karen, Doreen is proof that, grace and class is all you need to produce fantastic results of enviable gorgeousness. Clad in a deep blue denim top and a sexy black figure-hugging skirt, Doreen cuts the regal image of a Queen with her luscious hair blowing in the wind, giving off a vibe of a woman who not only has her act together but also, serves real slayage goals. But for a young woman who has lived the last half a decade of her life on the fast lane, dining and wining at the most luxurious joints, going for endless holidays across the country’s top class resorts and still, reading news like a queen on TV, her latest envy-inducing pics are no shocker. In that ravishing look, Doreen does not only remind us of Janet Mbugua, Citizen TVs most valuable asset but also, Megyn Kelly, in the way she hosts TV and reads news so effortlessly and seamlessly. With all that sexiness going on, we sure do have our own legend in the making. Gawk at these photos and be thoroughly jealous. Really, you just can’t help it, sweethearts. Now, this is what we call GOALS.

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