Be careful! Read how this Lady was Raped by a boda-boda guy at night in Bamburi - FARMERCIST 254


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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Be careful! Read how this Lady was Raped by a boda-boda guy at night in Bamburi

Hi, kindly post my story… I reside at the Coast so last night my pal calls me for a meet up… at around 1a.m I got tired and decided to head back home so I got a bodaboda from Bamburi.

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Somewhere along the way, he stopped in a deserted field and held a knife to my waist… i was shocked and explained to him if it’s money he wants he can take it.

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He ordered me to take off my pants. I told him I had hiv to scare him off only for him to tell he also has so ‘tuendelee kuambukizana’. Knife to my throat, he went ahead and raped me.

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Then robbed me. My phone was not even a week old. I just bought it last week. He left me there even after pleading with him to

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drop me at the main road because that place was scary. I screamed so hard when I saw him riding off and luckily there was a group doing community policing who came to my rescue. I have spent the better part of this morning trying to get pep. Had to go to three hospitals and finally got help at coast general. I feel depressed and keep wondering why it happened to me. Beware of these boda boda guys,they are thugs! Here attached is the ob no., name of person handling my case and the police report from coast general confirming that the incident indeed happened… A victim of r@p3

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