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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Biosafety; Diseases prevention: The chicken farmer

The Human role in Poultry Disease and outbreaks.

- Its very important to forcus more efforts on disease  preventions.Movement of people notably employees, visitors,birds,backyard pets like dogs,eggs and feeds between poultry farms clearly indicates that the potential of spread of diseases is significant. Humans are usually considered the primary route of introduction or spread of diseases into poultry farms.The carrying of duties by employees, managers or veterinarians and a lack of knowledge are among factors that can result in humans spreading the diseases.
The expansion in the poultry industry has made the spread of the disease even easier.A person can visit several farm in a week,possibly infected ones,a pickup or lorry delivering feeds can do the same,egg distributors who normally visit different farms to pick eggs or chicken meat can also do the same.Most disease organisms have the ability to remain active during this period. It is of great importance that farm visitors be aware of such issues.
Biosecurity measures are for everyone, those likely to break this rule are the managers,supervisors and owners.All visitors regardless of their position must follow protocols like wearing coveralls and disinfecting boots.
Sometimes we require services of vets or assistance from qualified personells to monitor your farm.The possibility of disease spreading via them is high as they visit multiple farms often.They should be advised on strick biosecurity measures before entrance into the farm.

Any disease outbreaks from neighbouring farms should always be considered as a potential source of infections.
Wild birds,backyard or pet birds can be carriers to many disease causing organisms.Employees should be cautious about contact with such.
Also put in place foot baths and hand sanitation amenities as hands contaminated with pathogens can easily spread diseases from one location to another.Use effective sanitation products for hand washing that does not dry out the skin or cause any irritations.
When attending far meetings or visits use a vehicle that is not used on your farm,and after returning disinfect your vehicle,clothing and shoes.

-visitors should observe strict biosecurity measures
-keep a log book to document all entries into the farm
-If someone ones to visit,confirm if they have visited other farms a few days prior to entering
-All boots should be disinfected,hands washed before entry and after exit of a poultry house.
-A continuing educational programe for employees on disease preventions and control is recommended.
-Restrict personel from having backyard poultry and pet birds at home.Include this in the working contract,immediate dismissal for any breach of contract
-Employees should be encouraged to take lunch breaks at the farm to limit contact with outsiders and infected environments and if possible provide housing and food to your employees

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