From Getting The Cookie Jar On The First Date And The Dreaded Friend Zone, 5 Things Movies Teach About Love And Romance. - FARMERCIST 254


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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

From Getting The Cookie Jar On The First Date And The Dreaded Friend Zone, 5 Things Movies Teach About Love And Romance.

There is a lot of fantasy in movies. In fact of late in movies you get the feeling they do not project what happens in the society but rather the producer’s fantasy. It is the same in all genres including love romance where you find fairy tales of happily ever after. This however does not mean the movies have not shown us what to expect in dating, love and relationship. Here are five things you will see in movies that are actually pretty true in real life; You can get the cookie jar on the first date Now every lady will swear to them and their mirror that they just cannot pop the jar open on the first date not until the ideal duration from a month to several is over. Well, they sure do not give it to everyone but along comes a guy, full luck and self belief and Kaput! A lass somewhere is left wondering what hit her. You can be that guy, and ladies when it happens, don’t worry you just helped overcome a stereotype. Nice guys do get to the friend zone If you want a lady just go straight and say it and avoid any slinging through back door or overly kindness. Just don’t let the tag brother or best friend be dropped unless you want to stay there. Trust me, and watch a couple of movies, your acts of mindfulness and constant checking and doing services for her will only have you appreciated as a masculine girlfriend, counselor, fixer etc.and all with the privilege of a bat and hug. Few guys approach the hottest girl One Kenyan proverb says dating a beautiful lady is like having a maize or banana farm next to the road, everyone gets to help himself. To hell with that low self esteem escapism. Just like in the movies most men are in awe of the hot girl only the true alpha males take the effort be one just make sure you have a plan before asking her out. Do not ever give up until you are truly rejected Life and movies are in agreement over this; unless you are told in not unclear terms that your advances are not welcome and will not be tolerated in the near future, plough on brother. You all know how it ends with the lady giving in the same way that lady you chased for so long finally acted like you have just popped from outer space. Make this your motto There will always be that irritating male/female friend We all have friends before you meet your man or woman. They get to know all the secrets about her and you some which you are not privy to. He/ She will call even late night, will be invited to romantic dates and will share almost equal prominence as you. They are the shoulder your partner runs to just like in the movies so what to do, either get rid of them, befriend them or learn to live with moments like this Alcohol is the only proven tool to escape the friendzone When all else fails in your attempts to get from the friend zone, go to chemical warfare. If a man or lady has resisted all overtures then seek to impair his judgment. Alcohol does not just mess up motor skill but also clouds the emotion and this is your best ace card, some sort of Joker. Not all movies may have all these lessons but at least two are found in any you watch. So it is not just all fantasies and fairies, some stuff is true.

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