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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Top 10 Embarrassing That Exposed Politicians’ Terrible Cheap PR.

Is it that politicians love attention or they just luck tact? The quest for public attention has landed some politicians in awkward positions which in most cases have no comeback! 1. Maara South MP Kareke Mbiuki holds a ceremony to launch a transformer Maara South MP Kareke Mbiuki stooped so low that he decided to hold a ceremony to celebrate the launch of a transformer. The ‘wise’ legislator even had a placard beneath the transformer as a constant reminder to the electorates that he was the one who launched it. 2. Raila Odinga hosts a family he claimed visited him from Turkana at his Capitol Hill office later that evening the family is seen trekking somewhere in Umoja Cord leader Raila Odinga hosted Michael Mukono Ekalale, his wife Agnes Lokidor Mukono and their two kids at his Capitol Hill office on June 28th 2016. Raila claimed the family was from Lodwar but later that evening the Mukono family was spotted trekking in Umoja area making many wonder whether they had gotten lost on their way back to Lodwar or Baba was taking Kenyans for a ride. 3. Bomet ‘state of the art’ fire fighting trucks which cost 21 million have car wash pumps Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto bought three fire fighting trucks at a cost of Kes 7 million each. The improvised Tata trucks were heavily criticized by Kenya as their look alone had the tell tale signs they could have a difficult time extinguishing fire. This fear became evident when Kenyans saw one of the Bomet fire fighting truck struggle to put off fire with a pipe which had a nozzle of a car washing machine during a recent fire outbreak. 4. Kidero cautions Nairobian against walking on dead grass, some even invisible to the human eye Nairobi governor Dr. Evans Kidero went to all depths to please visiting American President Barack Obama when he visited Kenya in July 2015. Kidero struggled to plant grass along Uhuru Highway and even put kanjos on watch to nab those who dared step on the stubborn grass that had refused to germinate. Obama came and went when Kidero’s grass had still not turned green. But eventually the much desired green color came. 5. Sonko’s bodyguards brandish guns at Lee Funeral Home only for the police to disarm them later The king of showmanship and theatrics arrived at Lee Funeral Home in full bravado making mourners ditch their sorrow for a minute to lend him their attention. Sonko had gone to the funeral home where the mother of former Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua was being transported from the mortuary for burial. His bodyguards brandished deadly assaults riffles and for a moment many thought the senator was at some killing zone in Iraq. What followed after Sonko spectacle was the disarming of bodyguards attached to him as police couldn’t tolerate the cheap public stunt which according to them was sheer misuse of firearms.

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